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Adolado d.o.o is a company which produces juices, chocolate and fruit toppings.

The company owns the modern middle class factory, which is situated in the newest industrial zone - Donji Hadzici.

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Taste of pleasure

  • preljeviSyrup 1 l (PVC)
  • preljeviSyrup 1 l (glass)
  • preljeviSyrup 2 l (PVC)
  • preljeviFruit Juice 1,5 l
  • sokoviFruit Juice 0,5 l
  • sokoviSparkling Juices 2 l
  • sokoviDesert toppings 1000 g
  • sokoviDesert toppings 500 g
  • sokoviDesert toppings 250 g


Adolado d.o.o.

Donji Hadzici do 135

71000, Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina